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Responding on time is the key and having everything in one place will help you close more sales, improve the attention to your prospects and customers, and boost the efficiency of your team. When you install Awtana's MercadoLibre app for HubSpot, you will be able to receive "Questions, Inquiries, Complaints or Returns" from your customers in your MercadoLibre publications.

After completing the form you will be directed to the payment page, after completing your data you will receive the access to the 14 days trial in your email. It is possible that the email will arrive in your spam box, in case you need help you can write to us at





  • Real-time questions
  • Manage in HubSpot Tickets
  • For all HubSpot versions
  • Events in the timeline
  • Contact information (Automotive)
  • Includes up to two (2) agents
  • On-line Support
  • All STARTER functionalities plus
  • MercadoLibre after-sales messages
  • Real-time response
  • Includes up to five (5) agents
  • Customization for Businesses
  • All the features of STARTER + LEAD
  • Claims and Quotations Management
  • Includes up to seven (7) agents


USD $ 19.00

USD $ 29.00

USD $ 34.00


Present in the USA (Miami), Mexico (CDMX), Panama, Colombia (Bogota), Ecuador (Quito), Peru (Lima), Chile (Santiago de Chile), Argentina (Buenos Aires).


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