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Achieve your business objectives faster and more efficiently with the right tools and technology.

Our consultants with more than 15 years of experience will help you choose the best solution for your needs.


Specialized technology consulting

We help you in your technology projects to optimize your sales, marketing, customer service and operations processes.  

From the analysis of the needs of each department to the exploration, evaluation and budget of the technologies that fit the agreed conditions and characteristics. Let us become your strategic allies through the Awtana Consulting Service.


Service Levels

Diagnosis and Prognosis
Stage in which the specific requirements of each department involved in the technological project are raised, resulting in the clear establishment of the metrics and requirements of the project (type, size, scope, expectations, economic viability, necessary resources). In the commercial, marketing, customer service and operations areas.
Bidding for technology projects
It is the process by which the detailed list of functionalities and configurations required for the project is elaborated. In addition to the construction of the bases of the contest, by which different technological suppliers can offer solutions compatible with the established metrics. The service includes the administration, management and objective and subjective measurement of the features provided by the participating suppliers and a technical recommendation by Awtana.
Project Management
This is the service through which Awtana acts as the manager of the technological projects to be implemented in the company. Having as main contributions; the experience of more than 15 years in Set Up processes, a team with specialized resources for each area involved in the scope of the project and the necessary management methodology for the early identification and management of the critical path, raising risks in a timely and proactive manner, in addition to the technological knowledge necessary for an effective management of tasks, milestones and sprints.


Our service guarantees an efficient execution of the diagnostic and requirements gathering processes, achieving a remarkable optimization of the time invested by the management of the departments involved. In addition, it provides certainty and experience in the choice of the technological solution.


Benefits that will boost the growth of your business

Improved Operational Efficiency
Improved Operational Efficiency

According to an Accenture report, 89% of companies that adopted cutting-edge technologies experienced significant improvements in operational efficiency.

Increased Productivity
Increased Productivity

A Deloitte study found that effective IT implementation can increase labor productivity by 40%.

Cost Reduction
Cost Reduction

63% of companies reported in a PwC survey that technology consulting helped them reduce operating costs.

Improved Decision Making
Improved Decision Making

A Forbes Insights study indicates that 59% of companies believe that data analytics improves decision making.

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Technology solutions that will grow your business

These are some of the tools we use to create powerful technology ecosystems.